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This tagline is often coined with a fairly annoying catchy catch phrase, it’s said in a certain high pitched lady-like robotic voice. I imagine the purpose was to try give the brand a fairly warm yet neutral voice, personifying a device such as a mobile phone of radio.

The tagline redeems itself by the fact is welcomes, addresses, greets you as a consumer with the lovely word… Hello! It’s formal yet friendly. Moto being a shortened version of Motorola makes it sound like a nickname, the tagline is giving the brand a nickname.

It’s clever in the sense you are saying Hello Moto, which is a brand that manufactures Phones and Radios.  It’s making the first move as well, as if reaching out and greeting you into it’s brand world.

Well Moto, since we’re on first nickname terms, you’ve hit the mark very well… 4/5!


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