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I’m Lovin’ It is a 2003 released single by Justin Timberlake, which was utilised for a McDonald’s advertising campaign.

The tagline lyric became world-wide, being translated into over 20 languages. Unforuntatlely the ad-agency executive who made the jingle commited suicide in 2008, the utmost respects to this word lover and player.

This very catchy tagline really has been highly effective, it’s full of beaming optimism, almost striking a golden chord with the golden arches.

Normally I would say the usage of a stop word such as ‘it’ is too vague, however in a way it can be generically applied, not just to encompass all of McDonald’s food and beverages range, but has in a way infiltrated pop cultural lingo.

It get’s a 5/5 for this super-power-brand. I’m lovin’ this tagline, da da da da daaa!

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